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The CAPP contributes to the ongoing training and development of the professional skills of public sector employees. CAPP members have complementary expertise that enables them to offer services that are adapted to the needs of public organizations. The courses cover different sectors of public policy (e.g., indigenous, environmental, and social policies), public administration and management, and methods of researching, documenting and analyzing relevant data for the development, Implementation and evaluation of public policies.

CAPP members offer training sessions that cover a variety of topics and can be tailored to meet your needs. The examples listed below are the titles of some possible training sessions.

Evaluation and results-based management

  • Developing Essential Skills in Evaluation
  • Designing a dashboard and developing performance indicators
  • Evaluating citizen satisfaction
  • Undertaking a participatory evaluation
  • Ethics and Professional Standards in Evaluation
  • Issues and Challenges in Results-based Management
  • Ethics and Public Management

The Ethical Issues of New Public Management

  • Managing Diversity in Public Services
  • Reflecting on Corruption, Governance and Development
  • Utilizing and mobilizing scientific knowledge

Making decisions based on evidence

  • Undertaking a knowledge synthesis
  • Communicating research results: Strategic Aspects
  • Organizing deliberative workshops to promote research utilization

Research methods

  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative data
  • Collecting and analyzing qualitative data
  • Interpreting and using opinion polls