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Undergraduate Internships

Task description :
Junior research assistant job. Under the supervision of a research director, the trainee will be required to perform various tasks of gathering information, analyzing data and producing bibliographic research.

Internship period :
The duration of internships varies according to the number of credits granted for the internship in the student's program (3, 6 or 9 credits).

Selection Criteria:
Interns must

  • be accepted by the Internship Committee of the program where the student is enrolled.
  • maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 / 4.3.
  • obtain a minimum grade of B + and preferably more in compulsory methodology courses
  • demonstrate aptitude and interest in research
  • Intend to pursue graduate studies, preferably in political science or MPA
  • present a letter of recommendation from a professor in the Department of Political Science
  • successfully complete an interview with the CAPP Director or one of the CAPP research directors. The purpose of the interview is to enable the candidate to support his / her candidacy and the CAPP to assess more accurately the candidates' knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The internship may be partially remunerated.

Graduate Internships

The CAPP welcomes students pursuing their master's and doctoral studies under the direction of a member of the Center. Applicants may be offered a paid research assistant position with one of the Center's teams. CAPP student-researchers have access to the premises and equipment of the Center and to the resources of the university library. CAPP members support candidates, who apply for scholarships offered by various granting agencies. Only applications demonstrating academic excellence and research potential will be considered.

The CAPP also offers doctoral and master's awards for excellence. These bursaries are awarded to students who participate in the competition. They are renewable once.

Post-doctoral fellowships

The CAPP offers one-year post-doctoral fellowships, which are renewable once. The fellows normally reside in Quebec City for the duration of the internship. The purpose of these awards is to offer new researchers who have recently completed doctoral studies the opportunity to pursue research in their field. An appropriate use of the scholarship is first the presentation of the research results of the doctoral thesis for publication. Post-doctoral researchers are expected to develop new projects with members of the Center. Post-doctoral fellows have access to the premises and equipment of the Center and to the resources of the university library.

Post-doctoral students present papers at seminars or colloquia during the year including the "Political Science Luncheons". Fellows may also teach a course, with the approval of the appropriate department chair.

Applicants must have obtained their doctoral degree within the last two years. Applications for graduating students are accepted, but they will not receive funding if they do not meet all the requirements for graduation at the beginning of the official start date of their fellowship.

The Center's post-doctoral fellowships are designed to enable new researchers to lay the foundations for an academic career. However, they also aim to provide the Center with new ideas, approaches and research methods while fostering contacts with other research communities.

International Internships

To allow greater synergy between the CAPP and research centers or groups abroad, we encourage student mobility. To this end, we welcome international interns and support student members of the CAPP who wish to complete international internships.

The interns have access to the premises and equipment of the Center and to the resources of the University library. Depending on the degree of progress of their work and the duration of their stay, international interns are invited to present a paper at a seminar or colloquium.