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The Masters of Public Affairs (MPA) offers a four-session program to students and workplace professionals who hope to assume positions with responsibility in the public, para-public or private sectors (e.g., NGOs, community organizations).

The multidisciplinary academic approach includes political science, economics, industrial relations, law and management. In this program you will have the opportunity to

  • develop your skills in research, analysis and evaluation of knowledge resulting from scientific research.
  • develop your knowledge in public management and to work in decision-making bodies.
  • acquire a solid set of competencies touching upon all sectors of public administration.
  • perfect your professional skills by completing an internship within a public organization or by conducting a reflection in the form of an essay if you are a professional in the public service.

The MPA is recognized by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration and accredited by the Public Service Commission of Canada as a Coop program.