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The purpose of the Center for Public Policy Analysis Center (CAPP) is to understand and explain what governments do, the impact their policies have on society, and the integration of knowledge into decision-making.

The usefulness of research projects and programs of CAPP researchers is largely due to their links with the international scientific community and with decision-making and intervention circles in Quebec and Canada. CAPP researchers also have extensive expertise in evaluation research, which makes their research most pertinent.

The Center works with strategic partners to improve policies and to promote best practices, among communities of practitioners, that influence the living conditions of individuals and communities.


  • Promotion of research on government policies and public management.
  • Coordination of research projects on government interventions.
  • Training of young researchers.
  • Promotion of the utilization of knowledge by public or private actors.
  • Dissemination of knowledge on explanations of variations in public policies and their impacts.