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Lead Researcher;  Steve Jacob, Full Professor

PerfEval is a research laboratory on performance and evaluation of public policies and programmes at Université Laval. The objective of this centre of expertise and resources is to contribute to the reflection and advancement of knowledge in this rapidly growing field. 

The PerfEval laboratory team is made up of researchers: professors, research professionals and graduate students (master's and doctorate). These researchers work in three main areas: participatory evaluation, performance management and ethics of public action. The members of the PerfEval laboratory conduct theoretical and empirical studies and pay particular attention to the dissemination and usefulness of their results. The researchers carry out basic and applied research in multiple sectors of public intervention. The PerfEval laboratory also makes its expertise available to public and para-public organizations that have specific training or consulting needs in the area of evaluation and performance management. 

In recent years, PerfEval's research has been funded nationally and internationally by granting agencies (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture) or by public (Canada School of Public Service) and private organizations. Research results are disseminated in national and international scientific conferences, scientific journals and research reports.

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