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Public Policy and the Public

This research theme focuses on the activation of citizens' demands and focuses mainly on the emergence, formulation and adoption of policies as structured by institutions and economic and social incentives.

  • Research in this area focuses on the implementation of policies and the institutions, processes and practices that inform this implementation.
  • Research under this theme also aims to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of policies.

Public Policy and Knowledge:

This research theme aims to answer the following questions: What factors encourage decision makers and professionals in public and private organizations to use university research in their professional activities? What are the policy implications of these factors that favor the dissemination and utilisation of research?

Public Policy and Textual Data:

The focus of this theme is to collect useful documentary sources for policy analysis in Canada, to codify their content according to recognized methods, and to make the scientific knowledge so produced available to researchers. For more details see the Poltext project’s website.